Thursday, July 17, 2014

1 Samuel 16:7

I promised I would share a miracle so here it goes:

The other day my companion and I had all of our plans fall through, typical mission story right? The worst part was even our back up plans fell through. My companions favorite thing to do in the world is go tracting, naturally she thought this was a perfect opportunity. We tracted a street for about an hour but still had plenty of time. We both got so tired from being in the hot humid North Carolina weather that we started to walk towards our house with ought even telling each other where we were headed. We came to a point where we both turned to each other and said, "Where are you going?" We were both following the other person. My companion turns to me and tells me, "I thought we were going to tract the neighboring streets down their?" Which was in a completely opposite direction from where we were heading. I just laughed and thought to myself, might as well keep going if this is where the Lord wanted us to go. As we neared the end of the street I noticed an older lady out working in her garden. She had an unusual pair of short shorts on for a women her age. I turned my head only to see a very shocked expression on my companions face. I laughed and told her, "Well, are you going to contact her?" My companion let out a breath and said, "well now I have too!"
We got talking to the woman about her garden and it very quickly turned into a gospel conversation with ought us even trying. She is extraordinary, she is the most child like (submissive, thirst for knowledge) person I have ever met. Her name was June and she is from England with a very rich accent. She told us about how she was a Jehovah's witness but no longer practices that religion because "they were pharisees". She was very open to having us come over and teach her more about the gospel and what we believed. I am amazed at how prepared she is, and it just shows me once again how much God loves his children. He put June in our path for us to find. We were not meant to walk down that street that day. But God knew that we would, and he put June in our path knowing that she would be open to hearing our message. It has also taught me that you need to look past the "freaks!" You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover because you never know who is ready and willing to listen to the gospel.
I have now known June for a week and two day's. I have gone over to her house several times with my companion to teach her about Christ's gospel. She has accepted all that we have taught her with ought finding fault. Unfortunately she told us that she will be moving to New York in a couple of days. But June told us that she doesn't believe it was a coincidence that we met that day. She believes that God wanted us to meet, and wanted us to share our knowledge of the gospel with her. I know that God wanted us to meet June as well. I know that we came into her life at a specific moment so that we could help get her started in learning about Christ's church. I pray that she will continue to have that hunger for knowledge and seek out the church in New York. She was very ecstatic when we told her that she could visit Palmyra and Joseph Smith's childhood home.

oh... and apparently I am going to visit her one day when she moves back to England, or I will come see her in New York when I finish my mission. Ha ha ha, I love June she is the best and she will be missed. :)

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