Monday, April 14, 2014

Small and Simple Things...

By small and simple things, miracles are brought to pass. It is amazing how the Lord put's us in certain places for specific reasons at times. This past week my companion and I had the opportunity to go out and do some contacting. I have often been referred to as a "spiritual GPS" from my companion because of the miracles that have come about from the doors we have knocked on. As we were knocking on some doors, I heard two ladies voices coming from down the walkway. I gave my companion a look and supposed that she wanted to move on to a different area. My companion knew better than that. She gave me a look that said, "I know you want to talk to them, GO TALK TO THEM!" Of course she has to make me take the lead. As we walked down the walkway we stopped and said hi to the two ladies who were sitting on their stoop. They were very nice and allowed us to give each of them a Book of Mormon with a chapter to read. They did not seem super interested in knowing more about the Church, which is why I was a little disappointed when this experience was turning out to be a dud based on the prompting I felt. We were about to leave when my companion asked them, "Is their anyone in the area that may have had someone die recently." I shrugged a little thinking. "Oh no! Not that question!" After all it had been a week, and every time we had looked for a referral with that specific question we have received the same person to contact. It was pointless! I was speechless when the two ladies liked us so much that they gave us their friend who lived close by who had a child recently pass away, they told us to tell their friend "Nikki and Wanda" sent me. We thanked them and went on our way to try and contact the person before it got dark outside. When we knocked on the door she had a confused look on her face. We told her that Nikki sent us, she interrupted us and said, "Nikki who?" The conversation was beginning to take a really awkward turn. When we mentioned Wanda, she said, "oh do you mean Nicole?" Relieved we said "yes, we mean Nicole." She let us in and we told her about how we had a message to share with her that would uplift her spirit and that we were told by Nicole that she could really benefit from our message. She gave each of us a skeptical look and said, "what's the catch?" We tried to tell her that their was no catch, but she didn't believe us. She did open up to us a little though about how her son died two years ago and that how she was trying to get her life back on track. I shared with her a little bit about how I have dealt with death of loved ones. Directed by the spirit I shared Mornoi 7:33 with her. She told us that we could come over again. Before we left I asked it I could say a prayer for her, she told us that she normally doesn't let anyone pray for her but that she would let us. I asked her what I could pray for her for, and she opened up and told us that we could pray for her to get better with her addiction to alcohol. I said a simple quick prayer because of time, and their was rap music playing in the background. After the prayer was finished my companion and I looked up and saw a waterfall of emotions streaming down her eyes. She was very grateful for the prayer and she gave each of us a long hug of appreciation. It was a simple prayer, and a simple scripture that we shared with her. But it did pierce and purify her heart. Her heart has been softened because of the Book of Mormon and the spirit that has testified to her. The spirit is real and we need to act on every chance we get from it. The more we act, the more clearer it will be the next time we are prompted by it. I am grateful for my mission and the incredible people I have met out here. Listen to the spirit, and it will direct.

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